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Oh Me, Oh My – YouTube Supports 720p

Caught this info via a Ryan Stewart tweet last week. Looks like YouTube supports up to 720p video if the source video is high enough quality.


Good to know. The real question is WTF Google? Why don’t we know what exactly all the requirements are? For instance, I work for a company that would be very interested in knowing how to achieve pass through upload (we encode video to YouTube’s specs and then upload and thereby skip the YouTube encoding step–saving time and YouTube CPU). If you, YouTube, insist on being the 800 lbs. gorilla, its high time you were WAY MORE TRANSPARENT. I want a legit service that’s not so opaque and has real features instead of hacks posted on blogs. Just my two cents. ;-)

The XMP Revolution is Here

I was testing some MPEG4-AVC playback code the other day and ran into a Flash Player runtime exception I hadn’t ever seen before:


Hmph. An onXMPData callback–that piqued my interest. I’ve long been a fan of metadata and XMP in particular (it takes a special type of nerd to have the meta love), so when I saw this error the wheels began to turn immediately. I had been testing a lot of video files lately, but this particular piece of content was created with After Effects CS4. This made me think that the long and slow roll out of XMP into the Adobe suite was finally here and I wanted to know what exactly they were doing.

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