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Flex Basics – The Script Tag

Grasping the simple things is often the hardest part to getting up and running with Flex. For example, a friend of mine who I’ve been trying to pull over from the dark side (.Net guy) asked, “I’ve got an MXML Application with a button in it that I’d like to bind to a method–where’s the code behind.”

The simple answer of course is to point him to the “script” tag (let’s just forget code behind support was ever added to Flex). Rather than typing up a long winded response I made a quick and dirty Jing video to “show him around” Flex’s script tag (no deep explanation, I’m just teaching by “doing”).
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Pixel Bender + Video = Killer Runtime Effects

I’ve been playing with Pixel Bender a bit and noticed that there weren’t really any examples (I could find) that illustrated effects being applied to video. So I gathered together a whole slew of kernels from the interweb, downloaded a copy of Dancing Matt and shoehorned them into a media player that allows you to select and apply the effects during video playback. Continue reading

Targeting Flash Player 10 In Flex 3.2

It seems like there should be a simple elegant toggle button or drop down in the Flex compiler options allowing you to choose which version of Flash Player you’d like to target, but until that happens here’s a quick (1:33) “how to” video.
Go fullscreen fullscreen icon to see the video in full 1:1 pixel clarity.

Yep, its old news, but its a great example of the type of quick and simple knowledge nugget you can share with Jing and I’ve got a new years resolution to do that a bit more often.