A quick look at h.264 Metadata

I haven’t been super plugged into the blogosphere lately so I’m not sure if anyone’s done this or not, but here’s a look at what metadata is contained in the onMetaData callback of an mpeg4 video playing inside of the Adobe Flash Player “Moviestar” beta.

h.264 metadata in Adobe Flash Player

The mp4 file was transcoded using ffmpeg on the mac.

It kicks ass to have the “seekpoints” array of seekable times in the metadata, but I really wish there was an array of corresponding byte offsets so that it was possible to determine if the seekpoint you wish to jump to has actually been downloaded. I’d also like to know how and where metadata is stored in h264 containers and whether there are existing tools that would allow the *injection* of additional metadata.

10 thoughts on “A quick look at h.264 Metadata

  1. If you do find out a way to get those corresponding byte offsets, do let me know. I’m eager to see if I can do the same. Good luck!

  2. Brooks, your wish will become true, the final release will report the time along with the byte offset.

    You can not inject this meta data yourself since the Flash Player merely reports the structure of an mp4 file as it is. What you will be able to modify are the tag properties in a file, f.ex. by using iTunes. You can also add timed text tracks using tools like mp4box.

  3. Truth is that these specifications are so complex that no one supports 100% of it. I realize that it will be important for Adobe to communicate exactly what is and what is not supported. But this is a really big deal for Flash video and the online video market.

  4. Adobe’s support for these standardized audio and video codes will streamline the production process for desktop and web video, hopefully reducing time-to-market and opening more video catalogs to online viewers. A beta version of the new player, Flash Player 9 Update 3 Beta 2 “Moviestar”, is available from Adobe Labs.

  5. What about tag pages? I’m finding that alot of my traffic is coming from tag pages. I didn’t see any settings for true/false with regard to tag pages. Thx.

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